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Additions & Corrections to the Agenda



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Declarations of Pecuniary Interest


Presentations & Recognitions



Ms. Janice Baker, Ontario Representative, Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators to present the Mayor and Members of Council with the 2015 CAMA Professional Development Award (Population between 20,001 and 100,000)




Mr. John Birchall, Newmarket Environmental Advisory Committee to announce the 2015 Ian Gray Environmental Award recipient.






Mr. Jim Priebe to address Council regarding 'Tracks FM' - a new radio station coming to Newmarket.

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Mr. Dan Desson, Fair Vote Canada/Fair Vote Ontario to address Council regarding in support of allowing municipalities to use ranked ballots in elections.

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Ms. Teena Bogner, Newmarket Taxpayers Advocacy Group Inc. to address Council regarding efficiencies in the 2016 budget and related issues.

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Approval of Minutes



Council Minutes of June 1, 2015.

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Correspondence & Petitions


Reports by Regional Representatives

Reports of Committees and Staff



Committee of the Whole Minutes of June 15, 2015.

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Committee of the Whole (Closed Session) Minutes of June 15, 2015.




Audit Committee Minutes of June 22, 2015. (Related to Items 20 and 21)




Memorandum from the Director of Planning and Building Services dated June 18, 2015 regarding Honouring a Newmarket resident. (The Municipal Asset Procedure has been attached for reference only)

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A By-law to Amend By-law 2010-40, being a Zoning By-law (2398804 Ontario Inc. – 17844 Leslie Street).

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A By-law to Amend By-law 2010-40, as amended by By-law 2014-54, being a Restricted Area (Zoning) By-law. (212 Davis Drive, Green and Rose Developments Inc.)

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A By-law to amend By-law 2011-24, as amended, being a By-law to Regulate Traffic within the Town of Newmarket. (Schedule IX - School Crossing Locations)

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A By-law to Amend By-law 2015-18, being a By-law for the licensing, regulating the sale and setting off of fireworks.

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Notices of Motions





WHEREAS capitalized terms not defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the FIT rules, Version 4.0;


AND WHEREAS the Province's FIT Program encourages the construction and operation of Rooftop Solar PV generation projects;


AND WHEREAS one or more projects may be constructed and operated in the Town of Newmarket;




AND WHEREAS pursuant to the FIT Rules, Version 4.0, Applications whole Projects receive the formal support of Local Municipalities will be awarded Priority Points, which may result in the Applicant being offered a FIT Contract prior to other persons applying for FIT contracts.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council of the Town of Newmarket supports the construction and operation of the projects anywhere in the Town of Newmarket up to 500 kW;


AND THAT this resolution shall expire twelve (12) months after its adoption b Council.


(This resolution's sole purpose is to enable the participants in the FIT Program to receive Priority Points under the FIT Program and may not be used for the purpose of any other form of municipal approval in relation to the Application or Projects, or for any other purpose)

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Announcements & Community Events


New Business


Closed Session (if required)



The Closed Session Agenda and Reports will be circulated under separate cover (Goldenrod).



Personal matter about an identifiable individual per Section 239 (2) (b) of the Municipal Act. (Street Name Change) (if required)




(Addendum) A proposed acquisition of land by the municipality per Section 239 (2) (c) of the Municipal Act (Northwest Quadrant) (if required)




(Addendum) Advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege per Section 239 (2) (f) of the Municipal Act - Legal Advice relative to the procurement process regarding Recreation and Culture Confidential Information Report 2015-14.



Confirmatory By-law




A By-law to confirm the proceedings of a meeting of Council - June 22, 2015.

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Addendum (Additions and Corrections)



Mr. Brian Gard, Glenway Preservation Association to address Council regarding the upcoming Glenway lessons learned meeting.

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Audit Committee Minutes of June 22, 2015. (Related to Item 9)

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Item 3 of the Audit Committee Minutes of June 22, 2015 - Review of 2014 Financial Statements. (Related to Item 9)


The Audit Committee recommends:


THAT the Town of Newmarket’s Draft 2014 Consolidated Financial Statements, Trust Fund Financial Statements and Main Street District BIA Financial Statements, Representation Letters dated June 22, 2015 and Final Report to the Audit Committee dated June 22, 2015 from BDO Canada LLP be received;


AND THAT the Audit Committee recommend to Council that the Town of Newmarket’s Draft 2014 Consolidated Financial Statements, Trust Fund Financial Statements and Main Street District BIA Financial Statements endorsed by the Audit Committee be approved.

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Ratification of Actions of the Special Committee of the Whole of June 22, 2015.