Town of Newmarket


Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee

Meeting #:
Mulock Room
Municipal Offices
395 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7
Members Present:
  • Billie Locke, Chair
  • Gord McCallum, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Bisanz
  • David McLennan
  • Mitch Sauder
  • Joan Seddon
Members Absent:
  • Norman Friend
Staff Present:
  • D. Ruggle, Senior Planner - Community Planning
  • A. Walkom, Legislative Coordinator

A spelling error was noted under Item 8.1.

  • Moved by:Gord McCallum
    Seconded by:David McLennan
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes of September 3, 2019 be approved as corrected.



The Committee discussed the recent Doors Open event which was held in Aurora and previous events which had been held in Newmarket. The Committee discussed the potential benefits to the community, such as tourism opportunities. Members discussed possible collaboration with other groups with an event taking place in 2021. 

The Senior Planner provided a status update on the Protection of Private Trees by-law. He advised that a Public Information Centre was scheduled for October 5, 2019. He advised that a report back to Council would likely occur in 2020.

The Senior Planner provided an update on the facade restoration project taking place on the buildings at 184 to 194 Main Street. He advised that siding had been removed and that brick cleaning was taking place.

The Committee discussed the three types of Heritage plaques and how to organize the plaque program going forward.

The Senior Planner advised that the multipurpose room would be named after Jim Nuttall. Billie Locke provided an update on recent Museum events include Culture Days on September 28, 2019.

The Senior Planner provided an update on the Stickwood Walker property which has been leased by Denison Daycare for use as a day nursery. He advised of work which would need to be undertaken on the farmhouse to restore it for use. The Committee discussed the windows which need repair and the tail wing section of the building.

  • Moved by:Gord McCallum
    Seconded by:Joan Seddon
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee recommend to Council that the windows in the Stickwood Walker House be replaced only if it can be demonstrated that they cannot be restored; and,
    2. That the tail wing structure of the house be restored.


The Senior Planner advised that a demolition permit had been submitted for the house located at 1075 Gorham Street and that the Town must respond within 60 days. As the property is listed on the Heritage Registry, the Heritage Committee will be asked to provide a recommendation. A special meeting will be scheduled so that materials can be gathered on the property for the Committee's consideration.

The Committee requested updates on a number of Heritage properties. The Senior Planner provided brief verbal updates on the Bogart House, the Union Hotel and the Baptist Church on Main Street.

Gord McCallum advised of a firm who could produce heritage plaques. The Committee further discussed the plaque program and sourcing a producer for plaques.

Councillor Bisanz advised of the upcoming Sir William Mulock Harvest Picnic scheduled for October 6, 2019.

The Senior Planner advised that he had accepted a new position and would be leaving the Town of Newmarket. He advised that the Planning Department would provide an interim liaison for the Committee until a permanent replacement is hired.

  • Moved by:Joan Seddon
    Seconded by:David McLennan
    1. That the meeting adjourn at 8:20 PM.