Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Held September 15, 2016




Jackie Playter, Councillor Tom Vegh, Ross Caister, Jean Ede, Lloyd Robertson, Beth Sinyard, Shawn Turner


Juli Playter, Billie Locke


Rec. Secretary:

Whitney Broydell


1.      Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


2.    June 16, 2016 minutes:

        Motion to adopt minutes by Councillor Vegh, seconded Jean Ede.  Carried. 



Business Arising:


3.1    Non museum programs/security issues:

•    Nothing to report.


3.2    Fire Hall Proposal and Master Plan meeting:

·           Ian was very receptive to the idea and asked Beth to prepare a Master Plan.  The Master Plan will be put back on the agenda. 

·           Correspondence from Rob Wilson said that the Museum Master Plan is under consideration.  Rob will let Beth know if it can go forward.

·           Determining factors will be to look at all the museum’s operations.

·           Next step will be RFP.  Now that the Old Town Hall is done maybe they will concentrate on the museum.

·           Ian said we can have the shelving.  As requested by the Board, Beth sent a request to Legal.  The reply came back that the Reserve Fund agreement falls under the Town’s delegation policy.  As long as Colin’s in agreement, it does not need Council approval. Beth is meeting with Becky about the shelving.  Becky is trying to get it done and asked Beth to provide an up-to-date price.

·           At the next meeting we should be hearing about installation.


3.3    D. Rudkin retirement:

•   Will plan for end of November at Jackie’s house.  Jackie will take care of refreshments.

·           Beth will contact Dave about a suitable date.

·           Invite Museum Board, volunteers, former board members and send out invitations.


3.4    Ontario Works Students:

•   Beth didn’t set up anything yet.  Without the shelving, there is nothing to do. 

·           Meeting was postponed with Becky.

·           Ontario Works is a social assistance program

·           Employment Ontario is a 12-13 week program and students are paid a portion.  The quality of workers is better, eg. you would get museum students.

·           Georgian College has co-op students. 

·           Social Media – ask if we can hire students.  Even though the Museum is a Town facility, we operate independently.  We could also go through the Library to do this for us.

·           Include Shawn in the meeting.

·           Find a collaborative way and extra resources for the Museum.

·           Canada 150 Celebration is another project we could use students for.  We don’t qualify for a grant.


4.      Correspondence and Communication:

·           Canada’s History, August/September issue.

Motion to receive correspondence by Ross Caister, seconded by Lloyd Robertson.  Carried.


5.     Financial Report:  As of July 31, 2016




Month end






Museum Reserve




Conservation Reserve




Exhibit Reserve




Elman Campbell Trust




RBC Investment, GIC






Operating Budget as of  August 31, 2016: 

•    May 31, 2016          YTD Actual -       $ 99,718.04

•    May 31, 2016          YTD Budget -      $103,759.00


Motion to accept Financial Report by Ross Caister, seconded by Lloyd Robertson.  Carried.





6.     Curator’s Report and Recent Acquisitions:


·      Curator’s Report was reviewed.

·      YTD Attendance is 2,381. 

·      Author Series – We had four very good authors who worked very hard.  The F.O.M. will discuss an honorarium and if we will hold it again.

·      WW1 Exhibit looks fabulous. The First World War Centennial committee wants to borrow some of our artifacts.  The F.O.M. will pay for a second nurse’s uniform.

·      Fort Willow – on agenda to discuss with Becky.  ARCH has no budget so it has to come from somewhere else.  Becky said she would find money from somewhere.  ARCH spends $4,000-$5,000 per year.  Beth should have discretionary power. ARCH existed in the past, funding is unpredictable and it would allow us to plan ahead. The Town is not paying for the shelving, we are.

·      Invite Becky to next Board Meeting.  Tell her we have some questions for her.

o   How can we be more expeditious with large purchases?  This is important equipment for the Museum.

o   What happened to cause this delay?

o   Who do we go through in H.R. re: Employment Ontario/Ontario Works and how do we facilitate this for three months?  We would like a simplified process.


Motion to invite Becky to next meeting by Ross Caister, seconded by Lloyd Robertson.  Carried.


Motion to accept Curator’s Report by Ross Caister, seconded by Councillor Vegh.  Carried.


7.        Friends of the Museum Report:


·      Garage Sale was great. We raised over $1,500.00  It was a lot of work but we had good results.  Thanks to Billie’s family for helping.

·      Canada Day – Thanks to Shawn for going outside and directing people inside. 

·      Culture Days Open House is October 1.

·      Halloween Party is October 29.








8.        New Business:


8.1   Jim N. 35 years volunteer service:

·      This is a major milestone.  Suggestion to write a citation, the board members will sign and have it framed.  Beth will look into a template from the Library or Town and bring to next meeting.

·      Buy him a gift certificate for a restaurant on Main Street, invite SNAP to do a presentation.

·      Invite the Mayor and John Taylor and present at November Board meeting.


8.2  Donation of books:

Motion to graciously decline the books by Shawn Turner, seconded by Ross Caister.  Carried.



9.        Next Meeting date:   October 20, 2016



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Jean Ede at 8:45p.m.





Board of Management


Thursday October 20, 2016


1.    Call to order 


2.    Regrets:  Councillor Vegh


3.    Minutes September 15, 2016


4.    Business arising from the Minutes:

4.1  Non museum programs/security issues – keep on agenda to monitor

4.2  Fire Hall Proposal, Master Plan

4.3  Mobile shelving

4.4  Meeting re: Ontario Work students

4.5  Jim N. 35 years volunteer service, November 17 meeting

4.6  D. Rudkin Retirement, December 15


5.    Correspondence and Communications


6.    Financial Report


7.    Curators Report and New Acquisitions


8.    Friends of the Museum Report


9.     New Business






10.   Next Meeting:  November 17, 2016

11. Adjournment




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