Town of Newmarket


Elman W. Campbell Museum Board of Management

Meeting #:
Elman W. Campbell Museum
134 Main Street South
Newmarket, ON
Members Present:
  • Jackie Playter, Chair
  • Councillor Morrison
  • Ron Atkins
  • Michelle Clayton-Wood
  • Norman Friend
  • Billie Locke
Members Absent:
  • Ross Caister
  • Kathleen Jackson
Staff Present:
  • W. Broydell, Curatorial Assistant
  • L. Schembri, Supervisor of Culture Services
  • A. Walkom, Legislative Coordinator

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. Jackie Playter in the Chair.

  • Moved by:Billie Locke
    Seconded by:Councillor Morrison
    1. That the Elman W. Campbell Museum Board Meeting Minutes of September 19, 2019 be approved.


The Board continued the discussion from previous meetings regarding the by-laws related to the founding of the Museum. The discussion concluded with the Members deciding that the Museum had functioned through the years, despite some ambiguity in the by-laws.

The Curatorial Assistant circulated the periodicals which had been received by the Museum.

  • Moved by:Ron Atkins
    Seconded by:Billie Locke
    1. That the correspondence be received.


Jackie Playter provided the financial report with an overview of the museum reserve, conservation reserve fund, and exhibit reserve fund.

  • Moved by:Billie Locke
    Seconded by:Councillor Morrison
    1. That the financial report be received.


The Curatorial Assistant provided an overview of upcoming Museum maintenance including preparations for the closure in January 2020.

The Curatorial Assistant provided an overview of recent and upcoming programs and events including Wee Fun Wednesdays, Culture Days, the Harvest Picnic and the Bring and Brag event to be held November 2.

  • Moved by:Ron Atkins
    Seconded by:Michelle Clayton-Wood
    1. That the Museum Report be received


Billie Locke advised of a subcommittee which was formed to organize the upcoming Santa event. She also advised of the upcoming gift shop sale.

  • Moved by:Norman Friend
    Seconded by:Ron Atkins
    1. That the Friends of the Museum Report be received.


The Supervisor of Culture Services provided the Board with information regarding liability insurance coverage for both Board members and volunteers of the Museum. 

The next meeting of the Elman W. Campbell Museum Board is November 21, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM.

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