The meeting of the Special Committee of the Whole was held on Monday, December 14, 2015 in Council Chambers, 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket.


Members Present:










Mayor Van Bynen

Deputy Mayor & Regional Councillor Taylor

Councillor Vegh

Councillor Kerwin

Councillor Twinney

Councillor Hempen

Councillor Broome-Plumley (9:10 to 11:19 a.m.)

Councillor Bisanz


Councillor Sponga  



Staff Present:

R.N. Shelton, Chief Administrative Officer

A. Moore, Commissioner of Corporate Services

I. McDougall, Commissioner of Community Services

P. Noehammer, Commissioner of Development and Infrastructure Services

A. Brouwer, Director of Legislative Services/Town Clerk

M. Mayes, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer

R. Prudhomme, Director of Engineering Services

L. Moor, Council/Committee Coordinator


The meeting was called to order at 9:07 a.m.


Mayor Van Bynen in the Chair.


Declarations of Interests




Additions and Corrections


The Chief Administrative Officer advised of a distributed document entitled 2016 Capital Budget Request List.



Moved by:      Councillor Kerwin


Seconded by: Councillor Vegh



THAT the Addendum item being the distributed document entitled 2016 Capital Budget Request List be included in the agenda.







The Chief Administrative Officer introduced the Director of Financial Services/Treasurer who provided a PowerPoint presentation detailing priority ranking of capital projects, growth components, replacement programs, asset replacement funding envelope, sustainability measures, infrastructure levy, reduction options and capital budget outlook.













Joint CAO, Commissioners and Corporate Services Report – Financial Services 2015-63 dated December 11, 2015 regarding 2016 Capital Budget.


An alternate motion was presented and discussion ensued.


Moved by:      Regional Councillor Taylor


Seconded by: Councillor Hempen



THAT the PowerPoint Presentation by the Director of Financial Services/Treasurer regarding the 2016 Capital Budget be received;


AND THAT staff bring back a report to the January 11, 2016 Special Committee of the Whole meeting:


1. outlining implementation of Option B (Slide 18 of PowerPoint Presentation) which entails:


a) an additional  0.80% Asset Replacement Fund (ARF) allocation (infrastructure levy) for 2016;


b) reducing the ARF funding  for strategic roads and other project areas in the 2016 capital budget by $714,450, and to provide more specific information on the projects;


2. options to reduce engineering design costs funded by the Asset Replacement Fund.






Moved by:      Councillor Hempen


Seconded by: Councillor Broome-Plumley



THAT the meeting adjourn.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:19 a.m.




Tony Van Bynen, Mayor


Andrew Brouwer, Town Clerk


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