Town of Newmarket


Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee

Meeting #:
Electronic VIA ZOOM
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Members Present:
  • Billie Locke, Chair
  • Gord McCallum, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Bisanz
  • Norman Friend
  • David McLennan
  • Mitch Sauder
  • Joan Seddon
Staff Present:
  • P. Cho, Planner
  • A. Walkom, Legislative Coordinator

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM. Billie Locke in the Chair.

David McLennan declared a conflict regarding 415 Davis Drive as his law firm represents the owner of the property.

  • Moved by:Councillor Bisanz
    Seconded by:Mitch Sauder
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes of September 1, 2020 be approved.



The Planner provided an overview of the Heritage Permit Review for 425 Davis Drive and 431 Davis Drive. She advised that most of the renovations would take place in the interior. She advised that the brick exterior would be replaced with shiplap, which was the original material used on the buildings. 

Committee members discussed the timeline of the project, the exterior design proposals, and the lack of structural reports with the application. 

  • Moved by:Councillor Bisanz
    Seconded by:Joan Seddon
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee supports the heritage design as described; and,
    2. That the Committee request that the application be resubmitted to the Committee for further review if the application is not approved as submitted.


Committee members discussed the property located at 415 Davis Drive, known as the Denne House. The Planner advised that the property is listed on the Municipal Register of N​​on-Designated Properties. Committee members discussed the historical value of the house, the significance of the location at the corner of Main Street and Davis Drive, and the heritage features.

  • Moved by:Mitch Sauder
    Seconded by:Joan Seddon
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee recommend that research regarding 415 Davis Drive commence to begin the process of heritage designation.


    David McLennan took no part in the discussion or vote on the foregoing matter due to a declared conflict.

Committee members discussed the review of the properties listed on the Municipal Register of N​​on-Designated Properties. Members discussed the criteria to be used to evaluate the properties listed and the approach going forward in the review. The Committee will continue to review the list with properties located on streets beginning with B and C. 

The Planner advised she would seek further information on a status update regarding the Bogart House.

The Planner advised that the Planning Department would send payment for the renewal of the Community Heritage Ontario membership for 2021.

The August 3, 2021 meeting date was rescheduled to August 10, 2021 due to the Civic Holiday.

  • Moved by:David McLennan
    Seconded by:Mitch Sauder
    1. That the 2021 Meeting Schedule be approved as amended.


The Planner advised that a new plaque would be created to replace an existing plaque which had been stolen.

Billie Locke advised that the Museum is closed and will not reopen until June 2021 at the earliest. She advised that the Elman W. Campbell Museum Board will not be meeting until March 2021.

Mitch Sauder provided an update on the properties which had been reviewed by the Lower Main Street South Heritage Conservation District Advisory Group including the Old Fire Hall property, 225 Main Street South and 209 Main Street South.



  • Moved by:Joan Seddon
    Seconded by:Gord McCallum
    1. That the meeting be adjourned at 8:07 PM.