Central York Fire Services
Agenda (Special Meeting)
Joint Council Committee

Meeting #:
Cane Room
Municipal Offices
395 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7


    1. That Joint CYFS / Corporate Services Report - Financial Services - 2019-27 dated October 10, 2019 regarding the Draft 2020 Operating and Capital Budgets be received and the following recommendations be adopted:
      1. That the Joint Council Committee (JCC) receive and review the draft budgets; and,
      2. That the JCC make a recommendation to Aurora Council, as per the Joint Services Agreement, and then send to Newmarket Council for approval.
    1. That the report entitled CYFS Reserve Fund dated October 22, 2019 be received; and,
    2. That the unallocated portion of Central York Fire Services reserve fund be transferred to the CYFS Asset Replacement Fund; and,
    3. That this practice be applied both to the current unallocated portion and to any future unallocated portions; and,
    4. That any additional funding requirements for the construction of Station 4-5, beyond the initial budget allocation of $11 million be satisfied by the Asset Replacement Fund, if additional expenditures are appropriately authorized; and,
    5. That Staff be authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to this resolution.