Town of Newmarket


Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee

Meeting #:
Cane Room
Municipal Offices
395 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7
Members Present:
  • Billie Locke, Chair
  • Gord McCallum, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Bisanz
  • Norman Friend
  • David McLennan
  • Mitch Sauder
  • Joan Seddon
Staff Present:
  • D. Ruggle, Senior Planner - Community Planning
  • A. Walkom, Legislative Coordinator

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM. Billie Locke in the Chair.

David McLennan declared a conflict regarding 270 Prospect Street as another member of his law firm represented the estate which owned the property.

  • Moved by:Joan Seddon
    Seconded by:David McLennan
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes of June 4, 2019 be approved.



  • Moved by:Mitch Sauder
    Seconded by:Joan Seddon
    1. That the Heritage Newmarket Advisory Committee recommend that the property located at 270 Prospect Street be removed from the registry of non-designated heritage properties.


    David McLennan took no part in the discussion or vote on the foregoing matter due to a declared conflict.

The Senior Planner provided an update on the Stickwood Walker Farm property. He advised that Denison Child Care would be operating a daycare at the site, with a full restoration and adaptive re-use of the farmhouse to hold offices as well as community space and a community kitchen. The project also includes a 5000 square foot new build on the site.

  • Moved by:David McLennan
    Seconded by:Joan Seddon
    1. That the meeting schedule for the remainder of 2019 be approved.


The Committee discussed the draft workplan and the projects to be completed over the term. Joan Seddon volunteered to lead the project to review the properties which have plaques displayed. Mitch Sauder volunteered to review the municipal register of non-designated heritage properties. Gord McCallum and Norman Friend volunteered to review applications for heritage plaques. Billie Locke volunteered to review the materials stored in heritage files. Public awareness and engagement activities were added to the workplan.

Norman Friend provided an update on the recent meeting of the Museum Board and advised that the Town Treasurer had provided a financial report. He also advised of recent and upcoming events such as Mothers Day.

Mitch Sauder advised there were no further updates regarding applications to the advisory group.

(1) Ontario Heritage Conference

Mitch Sauder and Gord McCallum provided an update on the recent Ontario Heritage Conference which had been held in Goderich.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.