Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Held May 19, 2016

7:30p.m. at the Museum



Jackie Playter, Ross Caister, Jean Ede, Billie Locke, Lloyd Robertson, Beth Sinyard, Shawn Turner


Councillor Vegh


Rec. Secretary:

Whitney Broydell


1.      Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


2.    April 21, 2016 minutes:

        Motion to adopt minutes by Jean Ede, seconded Billie Locke.  Carried. 



Business Arising:


3.1    Non museum programs/security issues:

•    A photography course is being held here. Janis did not advise us of this and the instructor sent a note complaining about all the garage sale stuff.


3.2    Fire Hall Proposal and Master Plan:

•    Ross met with Jean and Beth to discuss proposal. 

·           Ross will visit Whitchurch Stouffville and Markham museums, within next two weeks, to find out how they achieved what they did and what grant applications did they apply to for expansion. Report back at June meeting.

·           Discussion if we received grant money we could expand, clean the property and have short term storage.

·           Further discussion deferred.


3.3    D. Rudkin retirement:

•   Will be held at Jackie’s towards the end of November.  Invite past board members, Mayor and Councillor Vegh. 

·           Discussion deferred until September meeting.


3.4    Mobile Shelving:

•    Finance won’t release the money as it was not part of the capital budget, saying it has to be approved by Council. Colin Service says it does not. 

·           There is an agreement between the Trust and the Town. We may need a letter from the Board. 

·           Beth to obtain Town Solicitor’s opinion. 

·           Beth will prepare a letter; Museum Board Chair will sign it and send to Finance.



4.      Correspondence and Communication:

·           Canada’s History magazine, June-July 2016


Motion to receive correspondence by Ross Caister, seconded by Jean Ede.  Carried.


5.     Financial Report:  As of April 30, 2016




Month end






Museum Reserve




Conservation Reserve




Exhibit Reserve




Elman Campbell Trust




RBC Investment, GIC






Operating Budget as of  April 30, 2016: 

•    April 30, 2016          YTD Actual -       $47,547.40

•    April 30, 2016          YTD Budget -      $49,119.00


Motion to accept Financial Report by Billie Locke, seconded by Shawn Turner.  Carried.





6.     Curator’s Report and Recent Acquisitions:


·      Curator’s Report was reviewed.

·      YTD Attendance is 874. 

·      Jim is back as a volunteer only.  We still have someone else coming in to do the cleaning.

·      Ghost tours may be altered a bit.

·      High School art contest has wrapped up.

·      Heritage Art contest is next.

·      WW1 artifacts – Curator from Hillary House would like to borrow some things.

·      ARCH committee will be laying a wreath on Decoration Day.

·      Mother’s Day Tea was wonderful and helpers were wonderful.

·      Beth and Athol attended Rise to Rebellion at Georgina Pioneer Village.

·      Bernhard was in the hospital and is now living at Sunrise in Aurora.


Motion to accept Curator’s Report by Ross Caister, seconded by Billie Locke.  Carried.


7.        Friends of the Museum Report:


·      Mother’s Day Tea was great.  Sold out event. Jackie’s friends and relation know exactly what they are doing.  Everyone liked the male server.  We had some newcomers that helped out this year. Sir George Arthur attended.


Juli Playter arrived at 8:00p.m.


8.        New Business:


8.1   Tim Greenwood:

·      Discussion that he is a storyteller.  Juli will forward his info to Beth.



9.        Next Meeting date:   June 16, 2016 at 112 Arden Avenue.



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Jean Ede at 8:05p.m.





Board of Management


Thursday June 16, 2016


1.    Call to order 


2.    Regrets: 


3.    Minutes May 19, 2016


4.    Business arising from the Minutes:

4.1  Non museum programs/security issues – keep on agenda to monitor

4.2  Fire Hall Proposal, Master Plan, Deputation update

4.3  D. Rudkin Retirement November 2016 –Deferred to September

4.4  Mobile shelving


5.    Correspondence and Communications


6.    Financial Report


7.    Curators Report and New Acquisitions


8.    Friends of the Museum Report


9.     New Business






10.   Next Meeting:  September 15, 2016

11. Adjournment




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