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Newmarket Downtown Development Committee Minutes of April 29, 2016.

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Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2016-02 - Project Feasibility Study Program, 234 Main Street.


The owner of this building intends to make extensive interior renovations and minor façade changes to reposition the tenant uses within the building.  This will include a new restaurant with rooftop patio.  He is seeking assistance with the preparation of the building plans suitable for submission to the Town under the Project Feasibility Study program.  See Attachment for existing property visual.

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Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2016-01 - Façade Improvement and Restoration Program, Business Sign Program, 235 Main Street South.


The owners of 235 Main Street (former Still in Style) have now received their Heritage Permit from the Town for proposed exterior work to the building and have submitted appropriate quotes for work to be completed.

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Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2016-03 - Project Feasibility Study Program, 22 Main Street South.


22 Main Street South is a relatively large lot on the northwest corner of Simcoe and Main Street.  The owner has been considering complete redevelopment of the site for a few years and with the Davis Drive completion and ongoing enhancements in the Main Street area, he has now decided to proceed with a mid-rise development, most likely a stacked town home type of project.  He is requesting assistance for architectural services under the Project Feasibility Study Program.  See property visual.

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