The meeting of the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee was held on Thursday, June 26, 2014 in Cane A & B, 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket.


Members Present:

Mayor Van Bynen

Regional Councillor Taylor 

Jim Gragtmans (Chair)

Jim Alexander

Barbara Bartlett

Beric Farmer

Donna Fevreau

Rick Henry

Jim Lotimer

Paul Montador

Jackie Playter 

David White



Members Absent:

Michael Croxon

Ian Proudfoot

Gary Ryan



Staff Present:

R.N. Shelton, Chief Administrative Officer

I. McDougall, Commissioner of Community Services

C. Kallio, Economic Development Officer

Chrisanne Finnerty, Council/Committee Coordinator


The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m.


Jim Gratgmans in the Chair.


Declarations of Interest




Additions & Corrections to the Agenda






Approval of Minutes



Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee Minutes of March 20, 2014.


Moved by:      Jackie Playter


Seconded by: Barbara Bartlett



THAT the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee Minutes of March 20, 2014 be approved.




Items for Discussion



Post-Secondary Update.




The Economic Development Officer advised that Markham was the successful proponent for the York University satellite campus.  He advised that the Town continues to look at developing its own model for post-secondary opportunities and the Post-Secondary Working Group has continued to meet to discuss potential opportunities that may exist, including partnerships with the education or health sector.  Discussion ensued regarding the post-secondary selection process and potential partnership decisions.



Gigabit Corridor Economic Impact Update and August 25, 2014 Committee of the Whole Meeting.




The Economic Development Officer advised that David Sandel, President, Sandel & Associates, will be submitting a draft final report to Newmarket by July 15, 2014 that will present the scope of work for a pilot gigabit corridor project in Newmarket, including the business case, rationale and recommendations.  Discussion ensued regarding pilot plan area selection, timing of the pilot program and potential costs implications.  The Economic Development Officer to provide the Committee with a copy of the report and findings provided by Mr. Sandel.



Moved by:      Regional Councillor Taylor

Seconded by: Mayor Van Bynen



THAT NEDAC or a subcommittee of NEDAC, should quorum not be obtained, reconvene after receipt of the report from Mr. David Sandel in order to provide recommendations to Council regarding a Gigabit Corridor Pilot Project. 





Setting the Framework for a Renewed Economic Development Strategy: Review of 2010 Economic Development Implementation Plan and Outcomes.




The Chair provided a PowerPoint presentation on NEDAC’s progress over the past seven years and summarized the Committee’s background, including the creation of the guiding principles and development of specific actions around NEDAC’s five growth sectors.  Discussion ensued regarding what has been learned over the past seven years, assumptions and opportunities that can be identified moving forward and what has changed over the past term.  Next steps include a review of the current economic development strategy and goals, a review of the gigabit corridor opportunities and a presentation to Council summarizing NEDAC’s accomplishments as part of a Gigabit corridor update at the August 25 Committee of the Whole meeting.


The Economic Development Officer also requested that NEDAC members consider whether they wish to continue to participate on the Committee in the upcoming term of Council and requested a response by July 15, 2014.


New Business






Moved by:      Jackie Playter


Seconded by: Paul Montador



THAT the meeting adjourn.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.









Jim Gratgmans, Chair


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