The meeting of the Newmarket Environmental Advisory Committee was held on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 in Cane A & B, 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket.


Members Present:

John Birchall

Michelle Bourdeau

Cathie Ethier

Nicole Hamley

David Kempton

Jill King (6:46 to 8:40 p.m.)

Petra Vollmerhausen, Chair




Stephanie Sales



Staff Present:

J. Slykhuis, Senior Environmental Coordinator

C. Finnerty, Council/Committee Coordinator


The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m.


P. Vollmerhausen in the Chair. 


Additions & Corrections to the Agenda




Declarations of Pecuniary Interest




Approval of Minutes



Newmarket Environmental Advisory Committee Minutes of May 4, 2016.


Moved by:      Cathie Ethier


Seconded by: Nicole Hamley



THAT the Newmarket Environmental Advisory Committee Minutes of May 4, 2016 be approved.






Moved by:      Nicole Hamley


Seconded by: Cathie Ethier



THAT the correspondence items, previously distributed by e-mail, be received.







Introduction of New Member



This matter was deferred to the November 2, 2016 meeting. 



Public Engagement and Environmental Events




Newmarket Farmer's Market




P. Vollmerhausen provided an overview of the Committee’s presence at the Newmarket Farmer’s Market over the summer months, including topics of interest.  N. Hamley provided a verbal summary of questions that were posed to Committee members manning the booth.  Discussion ensued regarding the potential for a booth in September, future collaborations with the Region and means of eliminating use of plastic water bottles. 




E-Waste Event




J. Birchall provided an update on the E-Waste event, scheduled to take place on October 22, 2016 at Upper Canada Mall.  Discussion ensued regarding potential for a paper shredding company to be on site, associated fees, Committee member availability to assist at the event and further event specifics.




ClimateWise Launch Event




The Senior Environmental Coordinator provided a high level overview of the purpose of the ClimateWise Launch event.  Discussion ensued regarding Committee member attendance at the event.  It was recommended that there be an update provided at the November 2, 2016 NEAC meeting. 




2017 Waste and Recycling Calendar - Inclusion of NEAC Events




J. Birchall provided an overview of events typically submitted for the waste calendar. 

The following dates were recommended for inclusion in the calendar:

Community Garage Sale – May 27, 2017

Holland River Cleanup – May 6/13 (Town established date)

E-Waste – Recycling Council of Ontario – potentially October 21

Discussion ensued regarding 2017 Farmer’s Market dates and inclusion of NEAC events on the MyWaste app.




Discussion regarding future outreach opportunities.




M. Bourdeau provided a verbal overview of a proposal for a community based environmental initiative, being an environmental group that each year would focus on a particular theme or initiative, with outreach methods that would include a mailing list, newsletter or short blog posts.  The intent of the group would be to have focused conversations and topics, direct and specific in order to encourage behavioural changes.   


Moved by:       Cathie Ethier


Seconded by: Nicole Hamley



THAT the concept presented by Michelle Bourdeau be approved in principle subject to staff investigating any potential constraints. 





Verbal Report from the Senior Environmental Coordinator regarding an environmental projects update



The Senior Environmental Coordinator provided a verbal update on the Ray Twinney Low Impact Design stormwater retrofit and Lions Park drainage projects, including project purpose, timelines, construction plans and funding.  She further advised that an Open House on the Ray Twinney LID project would be held on October 11, 2016 and to direct any questions or comments on either project to her attention.   



Committee and Working Group Updates




D. Kempton provided a verbal update on cycling related initiatives, including the current work being conducted by Cycle Newmarket. 





P. Vollmerhausen provided an update on the second Community Garden, installed at London Road and Main Street in June and advised that the second garden is not an allotment garden; rather that it is a community effort with shared maintenance and harvests. 




P. Vollmerhausen provided a verbal update on the Community Garage Sale and advised of a request for longer hours in 2017.



Discussion regarding informal meetings of NEAC



J. Birchall provided background information with respect to meetings of NEAC and to ascertain the need for informal meetings.  Discussion ensued regarding monthly meetings, where required. 



Discussion regarding appointment of a NEAC Chair



Discussion ensued regarding appointment of a formal Committee Chair, whether to continue with a rotating Chair and the role of the Chair.   



2017 Schedule of Meetings.



The schedule was approved, as presented. 


New Business



D. Kempton advised of an upcoming IdeaMarket on Global Warming that he will be involved with, taking place on September 27, 2016 at the Newmarket Public Library. 



C. Ethier advised of an upcoming energy workshop being held on September 21, 2016 in Mississauga. 



M. Bourdeau advised that the third week of September is National Forest Week and that LEAF will be conducting a tree planting in Aurora. 



J. Birchall inquired with respect to topsoil removal on Harry Walker Parkway and plans for regulations for replacement of topsoil.  The Senior Environmental Coordinator advised that she is working on a Site Alteration By-law that should be before Council by the end of the year. 



J. King inquired with respect to fog and dye and water swabbing and associated notice to residents. 





Moved by:      John Birchall


Seconded by: Michelle Bourdeau



THAT the meeting adjourn.




There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.









Petra Vollmerhausen, Chair


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