The meeting of the Accessibility Advisory Committee was held on Thursday, February 20, 2014 in the Mulock Room, 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket.


Members Present:

Diane Bladek-Willett


Laura Charpentier


Steve Foglia (Chair)


Councillor Twinney



Members Absent:

Ursula Rehdner


Naeem Bacchus


Wendi Williams-Gordon



Staff Present:

Lisa Lyons, Deputy Clerk


Sarah Niezen, Records and Projects Coordinator


Chrisanne Finnerty, Council/Committee Coordinator






Presentations & Deputations



Presentation by Kim McKinnon, Tyler Barker and John Abel on behalf of Concerned Citizens for Accessibility and Mobility and the Community Legal Clinic of York Region regarding Mobility Plus Appeal Panel Recommendations.



Moved by Councillor Twinney

Seconded by Laura  Charpentier


The Accessibility Advisory Committee recommends to Council:


THAT based on the information presented by the Concerned Citizens for Accessibility and Mobility Group at the February 20, 2014 Accessibility Advisory Committee meeting, that the Accessibility Advisory Committee expresses its concerns regarding York Region’s proposal to outsource the Mobility Plus Eligibility Appeal Panel;



AND THAT the Accessibility Advisory Committee request that Newmarket Council recommend to York Region that it maintain the current structure of the Mobility Plus Eligibility Appeal Panel until a more comprehensive review is conducted;


AND THAT the Accessibility Advisory Committee request that Newmarket Council recommend to York Region that a member of the Newmarket Accessibility Advisory Committee be invited to participate in this review;


AND THAT the Accessibility Advisory Committee request that Newmarket Council recommend to York Region that all York Region Accessibility Advisory Committees be consulted on any future changes to the structure of Mobility Plus.





Presentation by Laura Charpentier and Steve Foglia regarding assistance for the deaf and hard of hearing at Southlake Hospital.


S. Foglia advised that Southlake Hospital has prepared a toolkit for the deaf and hard of hearing.  The kit contains items including but not limited to communication tips, printed signs, a notebook and storage container for hearing device.  Other hospitals are now reviewing the possibility of implementing the same toolkit.   


Approval of Minutes



Approval of the Accessibility Advisory Committee Minutes of December 5, 2013.



Moved by Diane Bladek-Willett

Seconded by Councillor Twinney


THAT the Accessibilty Advisory Committee Minutes of December 5, 2013 be approved.




Items for Discussion



National Access Awareness Week Sub-Committee


Discussion ensued regarding the National Access Awareness Week event tentatively scheduled for June 3, 2014, and the sub-committee that usually organizes the event. Concerns were expressed regarding the workload for Committee members. It was determined that Recreation staff will do most of the organization for the event, with the Committee advising.



Town Facility Accessibility Inspections


Discussion ensued regarding completing accessibility inspections of Town owned facilities in 2014. It was determined that one facility could be inspected each month. A list of Town facilities would be compiled and prioritized for inspection. Current priorities are the Ray Twinney Complex, Magna Centre Recreation Complex and Newmarket Theatre. Staff will prepare a checklist for the inspections. The first inspection will be scheduled for a Thursday morning in April.



2014 Municipal Elections Update


The Deputy Clerk provided an update on the voting method for the 2014 Municipal Election. The election will be run using paper ballots. Accessibility voting equipment will be available with a demonstration of the equipment to be provided to the Committee.   Staff will solicit advice from the Committee on accessibility matters related to the election including facility access, sharing information and encouraging voter involvement.



York Region Area Accessibilty Advisory Meeting


Pat McIntosh, Recreation Programmer, Leisure & Inclusion Services provided an update on the York Region Area Accessibility Advisory event that took place in East Gwillimbury on October 26, 2013.  A presentation was given at the meeting on universal design. The Newmarket Accessibility Advisory Committee will offer to host the next meeting in the fall.


Action Item List



The Action Item List was reviewed.

  • The Deputy Clerk will provide an update at the next meeting regarding the website re-design.
  • Legislative Services staff to find a past PowerPoint presentation outlining the Accessibility Advisory Committee’s accomplishments over the term of Council.
  • Committee members to forward feedback on the Committee’s current Terms of Reference to the Deputy Clerk.
  • Staff to forward property owner information for the Chair to draft a letter regarding the Tannery washrooms.


  • The Deputy Clerk will arrange facility audit dates in order of priority.  Legislative Services Staff to prepare an accessibility audit checklist.


Quorum was lost at 12:30 p.m.










Steve Foglia, Chair


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