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Newmarket Downtown Development Committee Minutes of November 27, 2015.

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NDDC Organizational Update




Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2012-15 - Parking Requirement Program - 497 Timothy Street.


After various delays, an application for a building permit has not been submitted for this stand alone restaurant with construction anticipated in 2016.  As part of the development approval process, the applicant is required to pay cash-in-lieu for a significant number of required parking spaces; this request is to offset some of these costs.




Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2015-10 - Project Feasibility Study Program, 443 Simcoe Street and Surrounding Properties.


The owners of 443 Simcoe Street and 13, 15, 17 and 19 Main Street met with staff to review redevelopment alternatives for this block of properties.  An architect has been engaged to prepare concept plans/elevations for an intensification proposal and the proponents are seeking assistance to offset these costs.




Financial Incentives Program Grant Application 2016-01 - Multiple, 235 Main Street South.  







235 Main Street South (former Still in Style) has changed ownership, with the new property owners intending to establish a middle-eastern themed restaurant.  They are seeking assistance under the Program Feasibility Study Program (interior plans), Interior Renovation and Improvement Program and Planning and Building Permit Rebate/Credit Program (building permit fees).  They are also exploring front and rear façade options which will require HCD committee approval prior to possible NDDC funding in the future.



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