Central York Fire Services
Joint Council Committee

Meeting #:
Leksand Room - Town of Aurora
Aurora Town Hall
100 John West Way
Aurora ON

Note: Ryan Schell, Chief Fire Prevention Officer will be in attendance to provide a presentation on this matter.


    1. That the report entitled CYFS Preliminary Budget Report - Fourth Quarter dated March 4, 2019 be received for information purposes.
    1. That Fire Services Report 2019-01, Central York Fire Services (CYFS) Vision, Mission and Values dated 2019-02-26, be received for information purposes; and,
    2. That CYFS present to the JCC the results of the departmental input which created the Vision, Mission and Values poster; and,
    3. That CYFS move forward with sharing the information with staff and undertake to develop buy-in and support throughout the organization to show our commitment to the citizens of Aurora and Newmarket, emergency services partners and all employees of the fire service.