Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Held October 20, 2016




Jackie Playter, Ross Caister, Jean Ede, Billie Locke, Lloyd Robertson, Beth Sinyard, Shawn Turner


Councillor Vegh, Juli Playter


Rec. Secretary:

Whitney Broydell


1.      Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


2.    September 15, 2016 minutes:

        Motion to adopt minutes by Shawn Turner, seconded Ross Caister.  Carried. 



Business Arising:


3.1    Non museum programs/security issues:

•    Poetry class has finished until January.

·           A camera course is running here on Mondays.


3.2    Fire Hall Proposal and Master Plan meeting:

·           Nothing to report.

·           If we don’t hear anything within one month, we will go back and talk to Ian and Colin.


3.3    Mobile Shelving:

·           We have the go-ahead. Things are finally going to happen

·           There will be a meeting to plan a phased installation.


3.4    Meeting with Becky:

·           Mobile Shelving- Fell through the cracks.  It went to procurement, legal, finance and the ball dropped, and Becky was away.  We now know what the process is.

·           Employment Ontario/Ontario Works – Placement via Rob.  Unless it is a summer student, the Town will not pay.  It has to be someone who is here for experience.  

·           Social Media - we can’t hire social media students.  Ask the Marketing Dept. to develop a social media strategy for the museum. Make an effort to go through a formal process.

·           We received information for placement providers from Algonquin College, Museum Studies.  This could work out well for us with getting someone to help with packing.

·           Partner with Library to hire students.  We preserve and collect information. Students need to provide activities/services to the community.  Tom is on the Library board and seems willing to advocate on our behalf.

·           Keep on the agenda

·           When we know who Becky’s replacement is, we will go meet with them and talk.


3.5    Jim Nuttall 35 Years Volunteer Service:

       Celebrate at the November 17 Board meeting

·           Todd Kyle didn’t know anything about a template.

·           Whitney to prepare a certificate.  Ask Reno for a background photo.

·           Jackie reported that the Mayor and John Taylor would be happy to come.

·           Beth to purchase cake.



3.6    D. Rudkin retirement:

•    December 15 at Jackie’s house.  Jackie will take care of refreshments.

·           Invite Museum Board, volunteers, former board members and send out invitations.



4.      Correspondence and Communication:

·           Canada’s History, November issue.

Motion to receive correspondence by Ross Caister, seconded by Jean Ede.  Carried.


5.     Financial Report:  As of September 30, 2016




Month end






Museum Reserve




Conservation Reserve




Exhibit Reserve




Elman Campbell Trust




RBC Investment, GIC






Operating Budget as of  August 31, 2016: 

•    September 30, 2016          YTD Actual -       $111,271.00

•    September 30, 2016          YTD Budget -      $116,033.00


Motion to accept Financial Report by Billie Locke, seconded by Ross Caister.  Carried.





6.     Curator’s Report and Recent Acquisitions:


·      Curator’s Report was reviewed.

·      YTD Attendance is 2,555. 

·      Ghost Tours – Are being offered this October, tickets have been selling fast.

·      Old Town Hall – opening weekend was a hit.

·      WW1 Commemoration – Our own display is set up.  Hillary House still has some of our uniforms.  The FWWCC that is setting up the trench wants everything we have.  Janis would like to borrow some things for the Library.


Motion to accept Curator’s Report by Billie Locke, seconded by Jean Ede.  Carried.


7.        Friends of the Museum Report:


·      We had our F.O.M. Executive Nominations.

·      Authors at the Museum – honorarium etiquette was discussed.

·      IPad - One of our volunteers has been using his own IPad for various assignments.  The F.O.M. agreed to purchase an IPad for museum purposes.

·      Front Lawn Sign – The current lawn sign is a finger trap and we would like to have a digital sign so we can update and advertise events.  Billie will bring up for discussion at a Heritage Newmarket.  meeting.  There are lots of options now and it is an excellent idea.  Set a design and cost.  Let Heritage Newmarket approve it, it goes to council and Recreation and Culture will want a say and ask where the money is coming from. 

·      Correspondence from our volunteer that plays Mrs. Claus, that we should find a replacement.  We will email our volunteer that plays Santa and find out if his two daughters will be elves again this year.


8.        New Business:


8.1   Deaccessions:

·      The Registrar would like permission to deaccession a hat box.  It was water damaged and no Newmarket connection.

Unanimous decision to deaccession.


8.2  Discover Georgina Magazine:

·             Quite a bit of discussion about the Magazine. Georgina has 3  heritage advisors, there is a lot of history in the magazine and covers heritage buildings.  The Town of Nemarket only puts out a Recreation and Culture guide.



9.        Next Meeting date:   November 17, 2016



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Jean Ede at 8:25p.m.





Board of Management


Thursday November 17, 2016


1.    Call to order 


2.    Regrets:  Shawn Turner


3.    Guest:  Jim Nuttall


4.    Minutes October 20, 2016


5.    Business arising from the Minutes:

5.1 Jim N. 35 years volunteer service

5.2 Non museum programs/security issues – keep on agenda to monitor

5.3 Fire Hall Proposal, Master Plan

5.4 Mobile shelving

5.5 Social Media Strategy via Marketing Dept.

5.6 Museum Studies college students

5.7 Library partnership - hiring students

5.8 Front Lawn Sign

5.9 D. Rudkin Retirement, December 15


6.    Correspondence and Communications


7.    Financial Report


8.    Curators Report and New Acquisitions


9.    Friends of the Museum Report


10.   New Business





11.   Next Meeting:  January 19, 2016

12. Adjournment




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