Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Held April 21, 2016

7:30p.m. at the Museum



Jackie Playter, Councillor Tom Vegh, Ross Caister, Jean Ede, Billie Locke, Lloyd Robertson, Beth Sinyard


Shawn Turner, Juli Playter

Rec. Secretary:

Whitney Broydell



1.      Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


2.    February 18, 2016 minutes:

        Motion to adopt minutes by Jean Ede, seconded Lloyd Robertson.  Carried. 



Business Arising:


3.1    Non museum programs/security issues:

•    Funtastic French is finished here.  Vicky Pinkerton’s Wednesday night writing course will be held here, but they have not been a problem.


3.2    Fire Hall Proposal and Master Plan:

•     Nothing further to report.

·            Quite a bit of discussion to see the expansion of the Museum, and use the old Fire Hall for offsite storage use.

Motion by Ross Caister to see if Council would let us utilize the Fire Hall for museum storage, seconded by Billie Locke.  Carried.

·                Ross and Jackie to meet with Beth, Whitney and Jean to prepare a deputation to Council.  It will get on the agenda and referred to staff.  Include in the deputation that museum attendance has been increasing, special events require a lot of programming material, allow for travelling displays, and include the amount of space needed.


3.3    D. Rudkin retirement:

•   Will be held at Jackie’s towards the end of November.  Invite past board members, Mayor and Councillor Vegh.


4.      Correspondence and Communication:

·           Email, Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

o   Jean Ede, 20 year pin

o   Joann Budinsky, 10 year pin

o   Ashley Creed, 5 year pin

·           Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, re: business inspection of Business Firearms Licence, no amendments required.

·           Tool Group of Canada invoice will not proceed with membership renewal.

·           Canada’s History Magazine, April-May, 2016


Motion to receive correspondence by Billie Locke, seconded by Lloyd Robertson.  Carried.


5.     Financial Report:  As of March 31, 2016




Month end






Museum Reserve




Conservation Reserve




Exhibit Reserve




Elman Campbell Trust




RBC Investment, GIC






Operating Budget as March 31, 2016: 

•    March 31, 2016          YTD Actual -       $34,325.83

•    March 31, 2016          YTD Budget -     $41,944.00



Motion to accept Financial Report by Ross Caister, seconded by Jean Ede.  Carried.





6.     Curator’s Report and Recent Acquisitions:


·      Curator’s Report was reviewed.

·      YTD Attendance is 774. 

·      Ghost Tours – deferred to next spring.

·      Display at Library – Bringing up Baby.

·      Civic Art – Beth has taken over the high school art contest and heritage art contest at the Municipal Office.  3 people will be judges.

·      Volunteer Appreciation – Was fantastic.


·      Maintenance Closure – next year the carpet is being replaced.

·      Authors at the Museum –Saturday afternoons at the museum.

·      Mobile Shelving – disagreement between R&C and Finance saying Council has to approve funding from Museum Reserves.


Motion to accept Curator’s Report by Billie Locke, seconded by Ross Caister.  Carried.


7.        Friends of the Museum Report:


·      Two major events were reported on. 

a)     March Break included a very popular Snowflake Tea Party,

coordinated by Whitney.

b)     Eggceptional Easter event went very well, also coordinated by Whitney.  More help is needed for this event.

·      Upcoming events:

a)     Mother’s Day Tea, Sat. May 7.  Chrissie and Thane will help out.  Jackie will help find two more people.  Kevin may help this year.

b)     Garage Sale, Sat. May 28.  Billie and boys and Kevin will help, and Ross volunteered to help.


8.        New Business:


8.1   Next Policy:

·      All policies have been reviewed.  This year the ministry requires a policy on social media.


8.2   New Donations:

·      New cabinets have arrived.


8.3  Motion by Lloyd Robertson to approve spending the reserve funds for mobile shelving, seconded by Billie Locke.  Carried.


9.        Next Meeting date May 19, 2016



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Billie Locke at 8:25p.m.





Board of Management


Thursday May 19, 2016


1.    Call to order 


2.    Regrets: 


3.    Minutes April 21, 2016


4.    Business arising from the Minutes:

4.1  Non museum programs/security issues – keep on agenda to monitor

4.2  Fire Hall Proposal, Master Plan, Deputation update

4.3  D. Rudkin Retirement – November 2016

4.4  Mobile shelving

4.5   Deputation to Council


5.    Correspondence and Communications


6.    Financial Report


7.    Curators Report and New Acquisitions


8.    Friends of the Museum Report


9.     New Business






10.   Next Meeting:  June 16, 2016

11. Adjournment




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