Central York Fire Services


Joint Council Committee

Meeting #:
Holland Room - Town of Aurora
Aurora Town Hall
100 John West Way
Aurora ON
Members Present:
  • Mayor Mrakas, Town of Aurora, Chair
  • Councillor Gilliland, Town of Aurora
  • Councillor Thompson, Town of Aurora
  • Deputy Mayor & Regional Councillor Vegh, Town of Newmarket
  • Councillor Bisanz, Town of Newmarket
  • Councillor Broome, Town of Newmarket
Staff Present:
  • J. Sharma, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Newmarket
  • D. Nadorozny, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Aurora
  • I. Laing, Fire Chief, Central York Fire Services
  • R. Comeau, Deputy Chief, Central York Fire Services
  • R. Volpe, Deputy Chief, Central York Fire Services
  • R. Wainwright van Kessel, Director of Finance – Treasurer, Town of Aurora
  • D. Schellenberg, Manager of Finance & Accounting, Town of Newmarket
  • L. Lyons, Director of Legislative Services/Town Clerk, Town of Newmarket
  • Mayor Taylor, Town of Newmarket





  • Moved by:Councillor Broome
    Seconded by:Councillor Bisanz
    1. That the Joint Council Committee resolve into Closed Session to discuss a trade secret or scientific, technical, commercial, financial or labour relations information, supplied in confidence to the municipality or local board, which, if disclosed, could reasonably be expected to prejudice significantly the competitive position or interfere significantly with the contractual or other negotiations of a person, group of persons, or organization as per Section 239 (2) (i) of the Municipal Act, 2001.


    The Joint Council Committee resolved into Closed Session at 7:05 AM.
    The Joint Council Committee (Closed Session) Minutes are recorded under separate cover.
    The Joint Council Committee resumed into Open Session at 8:30 AM.

  • Moved by:Councillor Thompson
    Seconded by:Councillor Gilliland
    1. That Closed Session report 2019-01 dated September 1, 2019, entitled Central York Fire Services Fire Station 4-5 be received; and, 
    2. That as a result of the submissions received as part of the tender process exceeding the budget, Joint Council Committee direct Staff to seek to extend the irrevocability period to provide adequate time to develop an option or options to bring the Fire Hall and Training Centre in on the estimated budget + 15% variance for a class C estimate (estimates are classified as class A to D, with class A being a detailed and final estimate that is cost accurate, and class D being a preliminary estimate that is subject to change during the project); and,
    3. That in the absence of the ability to extend the irrevocability period, Joint Council Committee direct that the tender not be executed and the potential new Fire Hall and Training Centre (Station 4-5) be referred to the upcoming Master Fire Plan review. 

  • Moved by:Councillor Bisanz
    Seconded by:Councillor Broome
    1. That the meeting be adjourned at 8:31 AM. 

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