The meeting of the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee was held on Thursday, October 29, 2015 in the Mulock Room, 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket.


Members Present:

Mayor Van Bynen

Regional Councillor Taylor

Donna Fevreau

Jim Gragtmans

Beric Farmer (5:06 to 7:01 p.m.)

Rick Henry

Peter Mertens

Paul Montador

Gary Ryan



Staff Present:

R.N. Shelton, Chief Administrative Officer

I. McDougall, Commissioner of Community Services

C. Kallio, Economic Development Officer

S. Chase, Director of IT Innovations

L. Moor, Council/Committee Coordinator


 The meeting convened at 5:00 p.m. 


Welcome and Introductions


The Chief Administrative Officer welcomed those present and requested Members provide introductions.  He advised that the Terms of Reference and Confidentiality Agreement documents have been distributed electronically and he requested that the agreements be signed and given to staff. The Chief Administrative Officer recommended election and appointment of Chair and Vice-Chair and called for nominations.


Election of Chair


Paul Montador nominated Jim Gragtmans.  Jim Gragtmans advised that he would accept the role of Chair.




Moved by:  Paul Montador

Seconded by:  Rick Henry


THAT Jim Gragtmans be appointed Chair of the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee. 




Election of Vice-Chair


Mayor Van Bynen nominated Paul Montador.  Paul Montador advised that he would accept the role of Vice-Chair.


Moved by Mayor Van Bynen

Seconded by Donna Fevreau


THAT Paul Montador be appointed Vice-Chair of the Newmarket Economic Advisory Committee.




Jim Gragtmans in the Chair.


Orientation and 2015 Organizational/Strategy Review


The Economic Development Officer provided a PowerPoint presentation with details of NEDAC orientation, future focus, drivers for change and meeting frequency. 


The Director of IT Innovations addressed those in attendance with presentation slides related to broadband initiatives and advantages. 


The Commissioner of Community Services addressed those in attendance with presentation slides detailing Results Based Accountability.  


The Chair welcomed all those in attendance and thanked the returning and new Members to the Committee.  He provided a brief review of the work the Committee had accomplished in the last two terms and advised that upcoming tasks include making connections to the community as a whole, the business community and the innovation team with efforts in attracting people and jobs to Town.





Next Steps for NEDAC:  Where To From Here?


The Chair requested input with respect to the slide entitled ‘A Strategy Driven by Knowledge and Convergence’.  He queried those present regarding the terminology associated with the 2010 Economic Development Action Plan and sought feedback.


The Chief Administrative Officer suggested a visionary exercise could be conducted to seek out what competitive gains, specific goals and definition of activities could be accomplished.  He advised that the previous exercise predated the adoption of the Town’s secondary plan.


Discussion ensued regarding the key focus areas within the scope of economic development being advanced manufacturing, arts and culture, health sector, and regional centre, all founded on knowledge-based industries.  Further discussion ensued regarding economic attraction and retention of businesses, cultural differences, multi-culturalism and building collaborative environments.


Discussion ensued regarding objectives and a target of the Town of Newmarket being in the top standings of the best place to live and work.  Further discussion ensued regarding ‘brand building’ and encouragement of quality of life incorporating all aspects of the existing vision of being ‘Well Beyond the Ordinary”.


The Chair proposed a strategy session ‘refresh’.  The Economic Development Officer advised that Council’s 2014-2018 Economic Strategic Priorities should always be at the forefront of any NEDAC deliberations. 


Regional Councillor Taylor advocated for a ‘refresh’ strategy session preferably in the not too distant future together with Council Members in conjunction with a renewed concept model.


New Business


The Chair suggested that he and the Vice-Chair convene with the Chief Administrative Officer, the Economic Development Officer and the Commissioner of Community Services to validate details of a renewed vision process and report back.




Moved by: Donna Fevreau

Seconded by:  Rick Henry


THAT the meeting adjourn.



There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.










Jim Gragtmans, Chair



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