Central York Fire Services
Joint Council Committee

Meeting #:
Council Chambers
Municipal Offices
395 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, ON L3Y 4X7

    1. That the Central York Fire Services - Joint Council Committee Meeting Minutes of March 5, 2019 be approved.


    1. That the 2018 Annual Report be received for information purposes.
    1. That Fire Services Report 2019-03 Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) Cost Recovery Program dated 2019-04-11 be received; and,
    2. That the Joint Council Committee (JCC) review the options provided in this report and give direction to staff on which option to proceed with; and,
    3. Subject to the option selected by Council, that JCC approve the hiring of a regular part-time administrative assistant in October 2019 for a launch in January 2020.
    1. That Fire Services Report 2019-04 Fire Learning Management System Software dated 2019-04-18 be received; and,
    2. That Joint Council Committee (JCC) recommend seeking the required procurement related approvals for Central York Fire Service (CYFS) to enter into a long-term, non-competitive agreement with the current web based Fire Learning Management System (FLMS) service provider, being Stillwater Consulting Limited, at a cost of approximately $153,000.00 over a ten (10) year time frame and renewable annually thereafter for support, maintenance and licence fees based on available approved budgets.
    1. That the report entitled CYFS Preliminary Budget Report - First Quarter dated May 7, 2019 be received for information purposes.