Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Minutes of Museum Board Meeting

Held June 16, 2016




Jackie Playter, Councillor Tom Vegh, Ross Caister, Jean Ede, Billie Locke, Juli Playter, Beth Sinyard, Shawn Turner


Lloyd Robertson


Rec. Secretary:

Whitney Broydell


1.      Call to order:

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.


2.    May 19, 2016 minutes:

        Motion to adopt minutes by Jean Ede, seconded Billie Locke.  Carried. 



Business Arising:


3.1    Non museum programs/security issues:

•    Nothing to report.


3.2    Fire Hall Proposal and Master Plan:

•    A copy of a report prepared by Ross was circulated.

·           Whitchurch Stouffville Museum obtained a grant for the construction of their new building from BCC. 1/3 $1.2M from the Federal Government (CMA), 1/3 $1.2M from the Provincial Government (OMA) and a matching 1/3 from the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville on the condition that it be used for retail purposes by community groups in the Town such as weddings, conventions, etc.

·           Markham Museum has extended their facilities in the last 15 years at a cost of $500,000 paid for by a local developer, when that company accidentally demolished a heritage house north of the museum.  In the period thereafter using a Federal Grant and Town funding they built a large two story building adjacent to this to house all their archives at a cost of $11M. 

·           Get the Town to allow us to use the Old Fire Hall for storage and small exhibit space, try and get some grants and get Council to match it.

·           Federal Infrastructure grants require shovel-ready projects. Applications come out at the end of this year.


·           A suggestion that a thick concrete slab could be poured over the soil and build over that.

·           C.O.W. is asking staff to look into the Old Fire Hall and will report back in 120 days with recommendations.

·           Discussion to meet with Ian McDougall.  Have Ian put in the recommendation report that we are willing to split the cost of a feasibility study.  Make a motion to get it passed and that the Town and Museum work together on a Feasibility Study.

Motion by Ross Caister for a request from the Board to meet with Ian McDougall to provide input on suggested uses for the Old Fire Hall, seconded by Billie Locke.  Carried.

·           Jackie will set up meeting with Ian for next week.

·           If we had a Master Plan it would look at different scenarios.  The Museum is central and accessible.  We are the one group that can benefit from using the Old Fire Hall.


3.3    D. Rudkin retirement:

•   Discussion deferred until September meeting.


3.4    Mobile Shelving:

•    There is an agreement between the Reserve Fund and the Town. Beth advised the agreement is with the Legal Dept.  We need to bird-dog that.  Colin approved it and the Board approved it.  At the meeting with Ian, bring this matter up.  The funds were approved 9 months ago for purchase of mobile storage.

·           Our volunteers are feeling burned out.  They might not be on board to pack and repack. 

·           Suggestion to hire summer students. We would need about half dozen people.  They would need to be really careful and concise.  Perhaps 4 students from University/Museum program would be a good fit.


4.      Correspondence and Communication:

·           Letter from Erin Cerenzia re: First World War Centennial.

Motion to receive correspondence by Ross Caister, seconded by Jean Ede.  Carried.


5.     Financial Report:  As of April 30, 2016




Month end






Museum Reserve




Conservation Reserve




Exhibit Reserve




Elman Campbell Trust




RBC Investment, GIC





·             Reserve Report not available for May.


Operating Budget as of  May 31, 2016, 2016: 

•    May 31, 2016          YTD Actual -       $58,804.60

•    May 31, 2016          YTD Budget -      $61,401.00


Motion to accept Financial Report by Juli Playter, seconded by Shawn Turner.  Carried.




6.     Curator’s Report and Recent Acquisitions:


·      Curator’s Report was reviewed.

·      YTD Attendance is 1,247. 

·      Heritage Art contest – has been judged and winners selected.  The art will be on view at the Municipal Office until the end of July.

·      Ghost Tours – Planning for Spring.

·      The Newmarket Historical Society’s First World War Centennial is planning a trench at the Old Town Hall in November and has asked to borrow some of our militaria.

·      Author’s at the Museum – Patricia Watson, June 11, no one attended.  Coming up is Steven Gilbert on June 18.

·      Athol and Beth laid a wreath at the Newmarket Cemetery for Decoration Day on behalf of ARCH.

·      ARCH tent will not be at Fairy Lake for Canada Day because the new site is low, near the river, and wet.

·      Re: Authors - suggestion to book the story pad and gather a crowd at the Farmer’s Market.  The Farmer’s Market can announce the authors.

·      Tim Greenwood wants to do a storytelling on Newmarket History.

·      Quite a bit of discussion re: social media.  Suggestion to get a grant to hire someone/communication’s person to do social media and take care of all the events.

·      We have to make requests through the Recreation and Culture’s Marketing Dept. for social media.

·      Beth to set up a meeting with her supervisor and invite Councillor Vegh.


Motion to accept Curator’s Report by Ross Caister, seconded by Julie Playter.  Carried.


7.        Friends of the Museum Report:


·      Mother’s Day Tea was great.  Sold out event. Jackie’s friends and relation know exactly what they are doing.  Everyone liked the male server.  We had some newcomers that helped out this year. Sir George Arthur attended.

·      Garage Sale was great. We raised over $1,500.00  It was a lot of work but we had good results.  Thanks to Billie’s family for helping.

·      Canada Day is Friday July 1.  It is getting harder to get volunteers.

·      Suggestions to use Neighbourhood Network, Town Page to help get new volunteers.

·      Discussion re: co-op students convert them into summer student through Ontario Works.

·      Beth to set up a meeting with Rob Wilson and Tom Vegh to discuss further.



8.        New Business:


8.1   Nothing to report.



9.        Next Meeting date:   September 15, 2016



The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Jean Ede at 8:45p.m.





Board of Management


Thursday September 15, 2016


1.    Call to order 


2.    Regrets:  Billie Locke, Juli Playter


3.    Minutes June 16, 2016


4.    Business arising from the Minutes:

4.1  Non museum programs/security issues – keep on agenda to monitor

4.2  Fire Hall Proposal, Master Plan, Meeting with Ian McDougall

4.3  D. Rudkin Retirement November 2016 –Deferred to September

4.4  Mobile shelving

4.5  Meeting re: Ontario Work students


5.    Correspondence and Communications


6.    Financial Report


7.    Curators Report and New Acquisitions


8.    Friends of the Museum Report


9.     New Business


9.1 Jim Nuttall 35 years of volunteer service




10.   Next Meeting:  October 20, 2016

11. Adjournment




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